Citation guide for CCSDS standards

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CCSDS standards are available at CCSDS.


The prefix for CCSDS standards is CCSDS

CCSDS 100.0-G-1


  • B - Blue. Recommended Standards

CCSDS 101.0-B-1
  • M - Magenta. Recommended Practices

CCSDS 131.4-M-1
  • G - Green. Information Reports

CCSDS 100.0-G-1
  • O - Orange. Experimental

CCSDS 131.1-O-1
  • Y - Yellow. Record

CCSDS 313.0-Y-1
  • S - Silver. Historical. Obsolete documents. Any of above mentioned document types can be obsoleted

CCSDS 100.0-G-1-S
CCSDS 101.0-B-1-S